Catching Up: The Wedding

My cousin that lives on Oahu (yes, as in Hawaii) got married at Camp Nakanawa just outside of Cookeville, TN. Don't ask. I don't think an acceptable answer exists as to why the decision to do it this way was made, but I digress... My mom and sister flew into Memphis one week prior, from there the three of us took a roadtrip across the state to meet the rest of our clan (most of them from California and Utah) to celebrate. Although I give a hard time about the location, I have to say the the South is breathtaking in the fall. We went out on the lake in paddle boats, ate BBQ, had a bon fire with s'mores, and did plenty of dancing. I took an embarrassingly few number of photos so the following is presented to you a la Facebook and Ogilvy Images.

My sweet grandparents Mary and Marcus (above) and Grandpa Jack (below)

The bride and groom take Tango lessons weekly, and not just to show off at the wedding. Adorable, no?
I would have never guessed my cousin had it in him.
The first dance was seriously impressive: lifts, quick flicks, dips, it was all there.

Doug and I took a spin on the dance floor later on, with much less finesse and probably a lot more wine.

(Speaking of wine, judging from the photo above, I may have had more than I realized)

My dance partner of choice has got to be Grandpa Jack. My grandfather dates more than anyone I know, it also turns out he's the smoothest two-stepper I know. Coincidence? Probably not.

Congrats cousins!
Thanks for letting us come celebrate with you.
Will you let me come stay with you as well?



ck said...

you be working on your fitness.... your arms look hot is all i'm tryin to say...like i dream about arms like this. I've always had chubby clubs.

Emily said...

You're sweet, but I really think it's the cut of the dress. I think the sharp diagonal cut works wonders on my shoulders and arms! And you don't have chubby clubs. I can't even believe you wrote that. Although it is a hilarious phrase. tongue twister?