Dance Love + Music Love, A Weekend

A full weekend has left me a bit sleepy the past two days, but no one is complaining (at least, not about sleep). Friday was girl's night -- an art show, Thai food, red wine and the River North Chicago Dance Company concert. It was moving and inspiring, well-rounded, dynamic, entertaining, quirky, and encompassed my favorite elements of both modern and jazz dance. The show order was perfect and the evening left me feeling full and satisfied. An aside to note: I don't think I've seen a company with such muscular, athletic dancers. It's possible that's a lie, but these dancers seemed exceptionally able bodied. I would love to see them again and again and highly recommend attending a performance if you're in the Chicago area or see that they are touring your city.

Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind, Darling and I ran around/worked all morning and jumped in the car just before lunch. We drove straight through Mississippi, all the way across Alabama and made it just in time to see Sufjan Stevens take the stage at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. Just in time, we had maybe a 10 minute window before the lights began to dim! The concert was a multimedia spectacular: animation, costume changes, glow-in-the-dark accessories, wings, ribbon dancers, black lights, auto tuners, keyboards, horns, drums,  banjo, confetti, balloons... Sufjan's voice is transcendent, ethereal. I wish that, like the other stops on his 2010 tour, we had the chance to see him in a formal concert hall setting (the Tabernacle is a bar-venue). Similarly to my feelings upon seeing She & Him in Birmingham, although it was a great show, I feel as though you miss out on a lot of the nuance and musicianship displayed when you see a performance in a bar (in this instance). He played a lot of new material from his latest The Age of Adz album, but songs from Come On Feel the Illinois, and Seven Swans were sprinkled in as well.

Have you ever seen (stalked?) a friend's friend on Facebook and then actually met that person later, only to find out they were nothing like you were expecting? That's how I feel about Sufjan. I suppose I was expecting someone a little more hip, a little more Brooklyn, but I think he might just be a total geek boy, and a little new age-y. Not that either of those things are bad, just unexpected.

Upon listening to Sufjan's music, I'm always transported back to Thanksgiving 2005, I was house/dog sitting for a friend and discovered the Illinois album in a stack of cd's on the coffee table. It blew my mind, it dominated my car stereo and iPod for months and was the most original sound I'd heard in what seemed like ages. Do you have albums that can encompass, or at least take you back to a previous time in your life, too?

The Deets: We stayed in Buckhead (no vacancies in Midtown or Downtown this weekend), had brunch at The Flying Biscuit (again), went shopping at Lenox Squre (much more successful for Darling than for myself), and made it home in time to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup while watching Season 5 Episode 1 of The Wire before turning in. I really enjoy and feel lucky we've had so many opportunities for quick weekend getaways since relocating. Although the day to day is rather unglamorous, and oftentimes tedious, we have still managed to get out, to see and do and taste and listen and explore on (what I consider, in comparison to years previous) a regular basis.  I still really dig Atlanta too, I do. I'm beginning to feel like it's a place to consider trying out for a time, see if it could be a fit...

I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend.
I'm getting back on track, I'm getting caught up again.
Thank you so much to those of you who asked how my dance performances! I felt really good about the second weekend, specifically. I think my two best performances happened then. Thanks also for your sweet comments (specifically here)! I'm going to do my best to post replies in the post themselves. I appreciate you taking the time to indulge me, help me bounce ideas, let me vent and explore.

Be seeing you super soon



Alethea Noble said...

It sounds like you had great weekend. ATL is one of my favorite cites, also included on that list is Chicago, NYC, Dallas and my hometown in MI. I can't wait to read more post, you are a very fascinating person :-)

e-sos said...

Season 5 of The Wire is the best! Grilled cheese and tomato soup + season 5 = crazy awesome.

Emily said...

A- Thank you, so sweet! Chicago is on my list of cities to explore, do you know anything about taking the bus from Memphis? I hear its an inexpensive way to get there!

E- You're a girl after my own heart.