Dancing In The Streets

Images via Sean ODaniels

Actually dancing in the street. Beware of the slope and the pot holes. No one left with scabs and the weather was nothing short of gorgeous, so, all in all I say it was a success. Project: Motion  representing at the Broad Avenue Arts District art walk on Saturday. I have high hopes for the renovation of Broad Ave, there's a lot of promise in an upcoming neighborhood for artists and musicians; galleries, vintage, boutiques, and restaurants--I even heard it's might become be the new Cooper Young.  

What say you to that?! 

Such a beautiful day. Dancing, browsing, buying (a vintage black, velvet theater coat! Fabulous), and eating with friends.  I'll be back Dancing on Broad the first weekend of December for an art show opening--more on that next week.

Hope you all had a great weekend friends!
I'm already in love with this 2-day work week!
Mountains + Family in the near future
I'm excited to see old friends. Will be so nice to make those connections soon.



Logan said...

Are you coming to UTAH?!?!

libby said...

WHAT?? UTAH?!? Me too!! Please, please, please can I see you? Do you have time??

Emily said...

Yeah! I am going to Utah, I leave tomorrow. I don't know what my plans are, I'm just going to play it by ear because I'm not sure what family plans entail. Lets keep in touch.