Where? The University of Memphis. 
When? Last night
How? I got a free ticket from a student while attending the River North Master Class.

What? Awesome.

There has been some incredible dancing in Memphis these last few weeks. Sometimes I can go and enjoy myself immensely,while other times I leave haunted and emotionally unstable. The last week of shows has been great though. Very inspiring, getting the creativity (and motivation) juices flowing. I think I've avoided the affects of facing my ghost as I'm just coming off of a good performance high.

I have issues...

And, just for the record, if DCDC wanted to offer me a position and salary to be on their company I would move to Ohio in an instant with tears of joy staining my cheeks. Such a strong, powerful, modern-based company. There seemed to be endless unique pairings and duet combinations, I found myself constantly struck by the clever choreography choices. I also really enjoyed the way the company plays with repetition and movement vocabulary. Lots to take in and learn from as I rev up to choreograph for the upcoming Frame-by-Frame Project: Motion show in June. If you have the opportunity, please, catch DCDC.

What? Amazing.

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Ann-Michelle said...

You should go to some company auditions. You never know.