Little Edie

I think it's mildly hilarious that this is the only picture that has surfaced from this past weekend.
Unfortunately, only 1 person at the party had seen Grey Gardens. She noticed my white shoes and told me they really made the outfit, which was a little bit validating.
It may have been a cop-out in the costume department, but, much like last year, I ended up spending all my time on Darlings ensemble (Andy Warhol) and didn't worry about my own getup until much too late in the game. Alas, Ziggy Stardust may have to wait until next year ...

So, how about you?
How was your Halloween? Any links or pictures to share?

Also will you please take the bag of Kit Kat's from my house? 
My belly aches.



Rachel Swan said...

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! Grey Gardens is one of my favorite movies, I can't help but giggle every time I watch. Hilarious costume choice, my friend!

My tummy hurts, too. We had an entire bag of Reese's left, and I have eaten my fair share. boo.

BriannEm said...

So, I knew who you were. Though I haven't seen the movie. I do have the soundtrack for the musical. Does that count?
I'm so glad I didn't buy candy for trick or treaters. We would have had WAY too much left!