45 Books

Book 31

Rapid cognition, snap decision making, thin slicing, first impressions. Blink. I think Gladwell is a great writer, I think his material is very accessible and moves the reader from topic to topic at a pace just slow enough to keep up with, but quickly enough that it's impossible to lose interest. I don't know if I should feel silly that I enjoy reading these contemporary, pop-psychology books but I find them quick, smart and interesting, and something in that is terribly satisfying--to walk away with the feeling as if having really learned something. Admittedly, I did not enjoy Blink as well as I enjoyed The Outliers but I do think it's good enough and very informative. Personally, I very much believe in intuition and following one's intuition throughout life. Reading Blink has embedded this thought once again into my conscious (my consciousness of my unconscious?) and encouraged me to work on, refine, and focus my awareness of myself... something I am in desperate need of doing. Sounds like I should probably get back into a regular yoga practice as well...

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