December One + Giving Thanks


And I thought October went by fast. Pfffffffffft! November evaporated! I don't even think we said hello (November and I), let alone had time to make acquaintance. 

To the friends I was not able to connect with while in Utah, please forgive me. The days were as slippery as the roads! I had the best of intentions, but let's face it, one weekend is incredibly finite. We'll have a chance sooner than either of us realize (what, with entire months evaporating and all).

To the friends and family I did get to see and reconnect with, thank you, thank you, thank you. For grounding me, for allowing me to sleep on your couches, for feeding my body and soul. It's so nice to see friends (and Utah is good people), especially when friends sometimes feel sparse for me here in the dirty dirty. I completely understand (and am grateful) that everyone made exceptions last week to make time for me, it was so nice to feel welcomed as if *poof* it was like nothing, to just pick up where we meet again. Your time and conversation and energy revitalize me, these are things I am so grateful for, you make me miss living nearby.

To Salt Lake, yes, you heard it already, I do miss you. Last year Utah and I hadn't had much space at that point. It felt strangely familiar, too familiar and I really didn't have time (an even shorter visit) to properly see the town. Luckily, this time 'round, I got to spend more time there, see some old haunts, indulge my cravings for Bombay House and my desire to go to a lookout above the Avenues. I was able to revisit the part of Utah that I feel exists on my own terms. Salt Lake is good. And the mountains! The mountains are my heart. It's hard to express the wash of feeling (I'm always feeling) I receive in their presence. Some people call it God. Wordsworth and Coleridge called it the sublime. Either way. Their energy is remarkable and always signify "home."

Coming back to Memphis is a bit more of a reality smack than I realized it would be. Like the ways in which my life have changed feel stark and magnified, blown up in front of my face. Things as I see and experience them now, and things as I remembered them just a few days ago--worlds away. I embrace change. Change is good. Change, I am ever thankful for. But I have to mention how astounding it is that amidst the monotony of working an 8-5 life still manages to change immensely.

I am also thankful for the most gorgeous sweater my mother knit me. (Seriously, I'll have to show you) I haven't taken it off in days. I'm thankful for my mom's stuffing recipe that I finally remembered to write down this year (It's got a pound of butter in it. One. Pound. mercy. It's what my dreams are made of...) For nieces who dance and paint fingernails, for paychecks when I return home, for Darling that helps keep me going, for Cash to dance in hilarious circles when I get home after I've been away for a weekend, for roofs and full tummies and plans for the future. I'm grateful I don't have to drive in the snow, dig my car out of a frozen case, and, in the off chance it does snow, that I'll get a snow day from work. For family that cares and flies me out to visit even after the rough patches we've had. I'm thankful that rough patches heal. For my life and everything in it. That shit's profound.

THANK YOU for continuing to stop by this little space. For indulging me, for starting conversations, for coming along for the adventure. I'm so grateful for the connections we make. It really helps redeem all the gripes I have with the cyber-world replacing the real world. So that's it. That's my thankful post. Hope you turkey's had a great time as well.


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BriannEm said...

I totally agree with you about the weekend! I wanted to try see you/ meet you but it was so busy. By the time I was home again, the break was over, and SO snowy. Also, I'm pretty sure that november didn't happen this year. Just sayin.

Rachel Swan said...

love your post, miss sissy jupe. happy you are home safe + sound. xoxoxo

Laurel said...

I'm sad I missed you. But at least we were in the same state for a moment. Love you!