My Sister Gives Great Gifts

I feel like the title sounds like a quintessential acronym, ie. to remember the notes for treble clef it's, "Every Good Boy Does Fine" or for Scuba: "Burger With Relish and Fries" (BC, Weight belt, Regulator, Air, Friend). 

Sort of just sounds like an Asian Buffet gone wrong...

So anyway...
I received my Christmas gift from my sister early this year. She had the tiny oil painting commissioned for me (so fancy!) from this genius etsy shop.

I think it's perfect.

 And by that I mean I'm slightly obsessed with it... You know, if you're looking to give the perfect gift.It's sweet and tiny and special and gorgeous and very... me, only I wouldn't have ever known that I loved it without her excellent taste. She can always find the best things, especially when they're listed on etsy.

Thank you sister. Just know that my gift to you probably won't be as good.


BriannEm said...

I'd love one of these of the Blue Ridge Mountains... It's just so precious.

Steph said...

I love the word "commissioned". So important! What a great gift. Happy holidays to you.

Ann-Michelle said...

Aww shucks. I'm obsessed with mine too. I've worn it almost every day, and on the days I don't wear it I want to. The color/proportion/simplicity/uniqueness/ really is PERFECT.