The Rose Period

Maybe it's the winter cold,
shortened days,
and thoughts turned inward for reflection

Image via Armas Design

 Image via Anna Wolf

Image via decor8

Image via Joe Sorren

But a kiss of pink seemed to be exactly what this blog needed.
What do you think of my new header?



Camille said...

I feel like we are at similar unrest within our souls. Each of those images pulled at my heart in a different way. The new heading is perfect and simple and I am pleased!

ck said...

it's the mercury retrograde.... yes, you heard me right. look it up.

Emily said...

Candice, I love you. It IS the mercury retro grade + the eclipsing full moon...

Rachel Swan said...

Last crazy comment, promise. I've just been too busy for the internets these days! I love the new look, lady! I'm feeling like everything is coming up red for me these days. everything.

i can't get enough of armas gorgeous paintings + that perfectly peachy pink couch. so pretty.