A Wish For Wings That Work

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If you haven't seen the Opus and Bill holiday special, A Wish For Wings That Work, you really should. God, I would really be pressed to think of many occurrences when I have laughed harder than I did as a 12 year old watching this movie in my friend Whitney's basement. It just struck me last night that I want nothing more than to watch it sometime this holiday season. I'm telling you: cheek-ripping, eyes-watering, painful-bellyaching laughter. It hurts it's so good. We would rewind and rewind the same parts over and over again, each time finding it funnier than the last. I found the movie broken into 3 "chapters" on YouTube, but I'm going to make a concentrated effort to find it on dvd tonight.

Also broken into "chapters" on YouTube? The California Raisins Christmas Special, so awesome.

Guilty pleasure Christmas movie? The Preacher's Wife -- the Whitney Houston one... I'm going to start losing friends if I keep on this ... Blockbuster, please be on my team tonight.


welundell said...

Emmy! Last year I found this at walmart for five dollars, amazing! Are you going to be in SF this Christmas? I would enjoy watching it, WITH YOU, like old times if possible. You know, if you have trouble finding a copy, we could send mine back and forth each year. Love you, Miss you. Whit

Rachel Swan said...

I played this for Sela + Graham this morning + Sela was rolling. Mostly because of all the naughty words like butt + stupid. kids are funny.

I can't wait to show Brian when he gets home, I think he'll love it.

N. P. Brake said...

I found this movie in a bin at the grocery store in somewhere in the vicinity of 93-95 (my now grown children were quite young).... it has been a family favorite ever since. Of course then I had it in VHS and had to find it in DVD, for every family member.