The Chair

You may or may not remember when I was talking about reupholstering this chair.

I ordered the mentioned Shumacher fabric in two pieces, last week I finally received the second piece (the date I ordered and paid for it you ask? October 16... uh huh, omg).

Darling requested for his birthday that we get the chair done/started. The chair is from his childhood home and he loves the idea of giving it a new life and keeping it around + it's a great chair that needs some lovin' on.

Originally, I had fallen in love with the idea of a chevron backing (the Schumacher is definitely a splurge for my budget, it makes sense to work a two-tone number) like LGN did with this piece:

I paired a few fabrics together myself:

I think Navy/Ivory is my favorite here. (All fabrics in this post from here.)

Although I do still really like the chevron, a nice solid could really make the colorful chinoiserie pop:

 I think I'm most drawn to navy or slate. 

This is very similar to my couch, you know, for some context..

The more I have looked into upholstering the chair myself, the more I doubt my ability to execute the project. The tufted back of the chair + the expensive fabric make me doubt that this will be the best place to attempt my first DIY upholstery. That said, if I wanted to paint the wood of my chair beforehand, how would I go about that? (Jess, help!) Do I peel back the existing upholstery and paint the frame before taking it to be upholstered? Is it a non-option really? hrmm. And on that note, I wonder if any Memphians reading this blog post know of any good upholsterer's (word?). I thought maybe to call Toad Hall Antiques and ask them if they recommend anyone...

The topic of "The Difficulty I have With Making Decisions" will have to wait for another day. It would only take my entire life to explain it to you. You don't have to choose for me, I'm just looking for a little advice/second opinions so I don't just feel stranded. Feeling stranded = no progress and I'd like to get it done, I'd like to put to use what I've gotten so far instead of letting it be another project fallen by the wayside.

Thank you, thank you for your input


Camille said...

I am all for the navy! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

BriannEm said...

I'm liking the solid Navy. The darker color really does help it "pop". Good luck finding an upholsterer...

Steph said...

I third the navy preference. This is such a fun project- and I totally know what you mean about just taking it to a pro. No shame in that! Best of luck.

Ann-Michelle said...

use navy. just do.

You need to tell the story about how you used to cry because you couldn't pick a candy bar at the grocery store. Its a perfect illustration of your problem. and you can add the part about how annoying i thought it was.

libby said...

I like navy in both cases, but I think the solid khaki could look nice, as well as tie in the chair with your couch. In the khaki case, you could use navy on the edges (I don't know the exact name for the edging--excuse my lack of knowledge in this area). but let me be clear, if this chair weren't next to anything else, I would definitely go navy. I think I prefer the pattern too. It gives the chair a more vintage feel.

just some thoughts...

Anonymous said...

I still love the Navy Chevron Pattern w/ wood lacquered Navy.

I am not much of a DIY-er so I don't have first-hand experience. I do value professional trades and their quality work. Sometimes though it can be out of the budget.

If you're painting the wood, I would mask off the fabric, sand, prime and then paint prior to the new upholstery. You can finish w/ a krylon spray paint lacquer gloss finish.

If you're doing the upholstery yourself, the floral pattern is probably very forgiving for a first time job. Stripes and graphic patterns are going to be much more difficult to keep taut.

From what I hear about DIY upholstery, it is basically like tackling a puzzle. A really really complicated puzzle with a bazillion staples! Take photos of how the chair was put together, and use the current fabric as a pattern and template.

And I would finish off the chair w/ a lip cord trim to incorporate the pattern and color scheme. Just my opinion. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Rachel said...

YAY! I'm so glad you're doing this + letting us watch!

I really love the navy chevron and I would totally hire it out. I have a sweet chair I've been wanting to reupholster for 3 years, and I finally just called a local guy who does really great work for a fair price (and by fair, I mean fits in our budget- $220ish).

I know it will be done well + quickly, and to me that's well worth the money.

Part of me hopes you tackle this on your own so I can see how it all goes down, but if you feel nervous about your fancy fabric or just want someone to make the decisions for you, I say pay someone to do it!