Mrs. Misiego

Remember this sneak peek?
Well, my long time friend
 Miss became Mrs. and I celebrated the union with a painting.
Here is that story in photos:

(From the big day)

(This stencil is only similar to the actual stencil. I accidentally deleted the original from my computer and recreated this mock up for the purpose of this post.)



  • I really like the way the text works in the end. The happy couple staring into a blank white abyss would have been a poor use of canvas space, in this instance. Darling and I came up with a whole slough of hilarious scenarios to fill the void but in the end I think text was the right choice. Again, with the couple staring out into the wide open future, the piece came terribly close to spilling over into the realm of cheezy, vinyl, wall-decal preciousness. "... Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake" is cheeky and humorous while the real sentiment ("I Love You") is still communicated in its implication. I also think it's appropriate for how silly they are together + coming as a gift from me. 
  • If you have never used metallic acrylics you should really pick up a tube. Loads and loads of fun and possibility in that single squeeze bottle.   

 Mrs. Misiego, congratulations girl! I'm so happy you're happy. I hope you enjoy your new life and new painting! I wish the two of you the most beautiful future of hilarity and travel and all that is good in the world!

See some of my previous explorations with stenciling here and tutorial here.

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Happy Weekend Friends


libby said...

yet another masterpiece by miss em herself. so cute. I agree that the wording + metallic paint absolutely tops off the painting PERFECTLY. etsy shoppe anyone?

Soph! said...


Camille said...

I think Ms. Hawk would be proud of your art abilities! I know I am!

The Lady said...

This is the newest and most favorite item in our home. We are completely head over heels for this little work of art. You people don't even know...it's even better in person! xoxo
Thanks again.

Hawk said...

I'd get married just for the chance of getting one of these... but seriously.

@camille & @em - remember when Ms. Hawk hit a bear or something ridiculous like that in Canada - all I remember is that I think there were doughnuts that day. Is it sad that I remember the doughnuts?

Emily said...

Omg, Miss Hawk excused me from classes early so that I could push her down the hall in her wheelchair! PS. has anyone found her on Facebook yet?