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Happy 2011!!

Darling and I suffered massive flight delays (3 days!) returning home from our holiday travels and kept festivities small this year. Our New Year celebration would have remained a night at home if I hadn't been hired last minute to work as a live model for a high rollers "Casino Royal" party in a Mississippi casino. A dance friend from Project:Motion passed my info along to the party planner and before I new it I was a bond-girl statue "vogue-ing" alongside the pistol ice sculpture and shrimp cocktail. It was hilarious and fun and great money for 3 hours of work. If photographs surface I'll be sure to let you know.

We've got lots of food and love and puppies and reflection and scheming happening at our house
I can't wait so share 2011 with yall.

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BriannEm said...

For real? that sounds hilariously awesome! We celebrated Christmas instead of New years... by playing Settlers of Catan. I believe the words spoken at midnight are, "I'm not done with my turn yet!"