A Personal Note On Modern Dance

To set the precedent, I love dance. I love all kinds of dance, I appreciate all forms of dance. Dancing with a modern company here in Memphis has been wonderful (I'd actually say it's the best thing going for me right now) but I find that sometimes modern dance gets really caught up in being modern dance. A trend in dance I see now (and for the last few years) is dance that lends itself toward gestural movement and pedestrianism. "Don't look so dancey" and "Do it like a normal, non-dancer, person would do it" are phrases I hear all the time. I get it (the pedestrianism). And, I like it but I don't want it all the time. Sometimes I like dancey, I love a good technical piece. Sometimes I like costumes*, the cohesive and unifying visual element to a piece. Plus, you're dancing, so why pretend like you aren't and clothe yourself in fabrics that don't stretch, fit the body, or adhere to movement well? (Damn the shoulder injury that plagues me caused by a non-stretch, fitted blazer used as costume piece). I'm beginning the choreography process. The theme? Dance Inspired by Film. If you have any "nuggets" or ideas hit your brain--send 'em my way! Music, video clips, dance, whatever--I'm in exploring mode. My dear friend sent this clip over and, although I realize I'm talking about modern dance and this is not a modern piece, I think it really makes a case for the power of strong unison in choreography. So many dancers all moving in expert precision, it's pretty amazing. I love the energy, would be so fun to watch-slash-do. And 'hello' girl in the brown vest, yeah you, get it guurrll. Tall guy in the hat, I'm watching you..

(* maybe next time my own rants/analogies/examples will work out in my favor.)


libby said...

this nearly moved me to tears. I know that's strange, but it's true. I especially loved the duet section in the middle. lovely. lovely.

Rachel Swan said...

You just had 3 out of 4 Swans glued to this video, completely silent and still. SO incredible.

Ann-Michelle said...

dammit why are asians so cool?

Is there an adult hip hop class in utah county?