Written in the Stars

I was just pushed from a solid Pisces to the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. Poof. Like that. I was already having an identity crisis... There was the intense full moon eclipse on Winter Solstice followed by Mercury in retrograde, getting my ish all backwards until the New Year. Okay, I'll be straight. I wouldn't feel so unnerved by the change if it didnt' seem as though the seams, the very fibers of the fabric of this world as we understand it weren't being ripped open to the Bibliclly epic weirdness that keeps occurring. 5,000 birds fall dead from the sky and 100,000 fish belly up from the river just next door in Arkansas, the North East United States is hit with the 4th largest blizzard it has seen since weather recording began, 2010 scored the number one spot as the warmest year on record, torrential flooding hits Queensland Australia! And these are just a few of the big stories... Crazy things are happening. And now the universe is going to tell me that I'm no longer a Pisces nor an Aquarius, that I sit on the cusp? So. Apparently I've been on this cusp my whole life it just took a scientific mistake and some changes in the earth's tilt as it reacts to the moon's gravitational pull to bring it to my attention. Ah, but ignorance is bliss. And I believe that self deception is a critical human emotion developed for survival. In my personal life I feel like 2011 has brought nothing but mild chaos and lengthy internal monologues about my need to figure a few things out, to live, and to experience. Oi. CK, your the savvy one--what's up?? Help a girl understand

And also, this might make you reconsider your desk job: The Hazards of the Couch

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Also, the magnetic poles are shifting.. possibly switching.

Xanax for all, I say.