AXIS {Weekend Roundup}

Holy. Moly. This weekend was standout from my usual 2-days-off rotation. In general, attending 3 concerts in 3 days would be unusually busy, but we outdid ourselves this time, busy busy bees.  Darling and I bypassed our 3 year anniversary (celebration this week), hosted 2 guest artists (kind, gracious, talented) in our home from Deadfall Dance (Boston), wrapped up tech week, ran sound for 3 performances and made an epic last-minute lobby mix, BBQ and Blues on Beale St. with the Boston crew into the wee hours, new boots bruises (ah, to suffer for some semblance of style!), cast party, park visits, breakfast + mimosas, homemade marinara, stage strike (yikes, I'm so sore), spaghetti + meatballs dinner party with friends and puppies, and top it all off with a workday (everyone else I know is still on weekend break with this president's day off!). 

Happy Presidents Day to you!

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