Bookish {- Adjective. 1. given or devoted to reading or study.} 2011

Book 2

The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen

Franzen's third novel, National Book Award winner The Corrections lives up to its hype in my reading of it. If you recall, his most recent novel Freedom made it into my top 5 reads for 2010 but now, upon the completion of it's predecessor, I think The Corrections is the better of the two. Again Franzen writes a contemporary novel, this time the story of a grown family (elderly parents and their three adult children) in the late 90s early 00s; dot-com-start-up-pre-9/11-era. Franzen takes his time to thoroughly introduce us to each of the family members, where their lives have taken them up to the present, where tensions culminate as they attempt to meet together for one last Christmas at Mom and Dad's house. Franzen's precision and wit in his observations feel so perfect as the story continues to digest in the brain. The story is compassionate, sympathetic, humanistic, dynamic, and forward propelling. I would find myself sitting, engrossed for hours at a time, unable to quit. In actuality I read the book in just a few days, but the days that fell between those days I got around to reading increased in number. My reading this year has so far been very slow I think I just needed a little time off after my 45 books push at the end of 2010 but I've gotten some new books that I can't wait to dig into. Franzen is quickly becoming one of my favorite living writers, I've already started another one.

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