"Sometimes there isn't a clear intention; there is only an inner drive, a restless energy, vague and undirected, a need to create."
-- Lynne Anne Blom + L. Tarin Chaplin, The Intimate Act of Choreography

new reading material, a bajillion idea particles, inspiration, deadlines
it's all about running with whatever that thing is...
right now it's a song and a bajillion idea particles.
hopefully, it will begin to fruit as I let the process happen
I trust it.
Of course it will be work and lots of decision making
but I'm open to the whole process this time 'round
open to what comes
hoping for intuition and awareness
instead of trying to force ideas into fruition

what's inspiring you?


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Camron said...

What about a somewhat Film Noir, Paris is burning feel to it. Even use the St. Vincent song Paris is Burning, and LadyHawke also has a song by the same title. Paris is Burning. I don't know, just an idea.