Frame By Frame {six feet under}

Have you seen Six Feet Under? I think it's one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced on film. As one of the forerunners (in the now pervasive, but then new phenomenon) of television as epic drama broken into hour long episodic segments, I think the series aided in revolutionizing screen art as a form. I'm making a choice to pursue this as my film touchstone for my piece in the next Project:Motion show, Frame by Frame. It may change, but I'm beginning the exploration here. It definitely gives me more material than I can chew, I need to begin teasing out some themes/elements. I think the narrowing is going to be the more interesting/difficult part.

Darling and I started a discussion of what we find authentic, meaningful and thought provoking about the series. Here are some thoughts I've scribbled in my notebook as I force myself to start articulating things (yes, we're still talking about dance. if you think it sounds like a metaphor for my life you're probably right but we'll need a stiff drink and some time to kill to go there.)

- honestly represents the inappropriate conversations you have with yourself

- the romance of the family drama, of the personal life (like Whitman, in love with the self)

-presents raw human condition with a soft comical edge, ironic, irreverent. 
- Academically beautiful (as a construction of film; cinematography, lighting, sets, script) and reveals the human condition as beautiful, that is, imperfect and honest.

This is the very beginning of the conversation
anything you have to share or input is welcome
six feet under
love it? hate it? any thoughts?



Camille said...

Haven't watched it yet, but adore micheal c hall so it is definitely in my list! Can't wait!

Ann-Michelle said...

I love the opening sequence. The music would be great.