Let's Go Exploring {NOLA}

It happened just yesterday.
An itch, no, a pang
a longing
 for "The Big Easy"

Bizarre right? BAM! just. like. that.
and all of the sudden my heart's no longer content because I need to see it

Does anything sound more magical, more satiating?
Like I could fill (gorge) my mind and body and heart with the soul of New Orleans
I want to taste it.

rich culture, rich beauty, rich food 
thick air, thick swamps, thick accents

Just yesterday, and my heart is longing to smell and touch and see.
I live 6 hours away, I can't believe this hasn't happened yet...

Darling has already been emailed about all this. Is there something in the air around my birthday that makes me yearn for the deep South? Last year it was Savannah, GA. It appears to be New Orleans this time 'round. 2012? I hear the beaches in Alabama are gorgeous... 


Ann-Michelle said...

You must do this before you leave the south.

Rachel Swan said...

6 hours?!? You could even do that in a weekend! And I will be totally jealous when I hear all about it. :)

Brian and I are planning a trip for my birthday and our 5th anniversary, and we are torn between Big Sur and Portland/Oregon Coast. I mean, I even have a pros/cons lists stuck to our fridge. So far they are neck and neck...

Do you have any info or personal experiences that will help sway me one way or the other?