Notes On Style

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As I begin to grow my hair out I find myself thinking of ways I could style/cut my locks to keep some semblance of shape in the often long and awkward journey that growing hair out is. I think I'm going take this photo to my stylist tomorrow. It's so nice to see the bob done with fresh perspective. I'm so glad the "dog-ear" sharp A-line cuts made viral a few years back a la Victoria Beckham have found their way out. This cut is so much less a statement about semi-edgy hair and focuses on framing the beauty of the face.

Perfect for spring, me thinks!


Ann-Michelle said...

Oh... the dog ears are still in full force in Utah. I really liked this photo, but my hair would never be that straight at the bottom. My hair always curls under :P

Sophorn said...

so lovely. I like how the cut changes directions upwards.

Jessica C. said...

pretty! it has my vote.

BriannEm said...

My problem with cuts like this is that they don't seem to work well with me and my glasses. :(