Paint Love {mandrakes & muck-snipes}

A few weeks back, Art Hound posted a spotlight on LA artist Aaron Smith. I've got to say it had been a while since something has grabbed me with the same intensity that his fearless and "irreverent" use of color did. The work continues to feel new every time I glimpse at it. Fierce execution.

Lately, I easily tire of the light blown-out, ultra-femme, over-photoshopped (Lightness! Brightness! Contrast! Saturation! anyone?) imagery that is so pervasive in blogland (or at least the corner of it that dominates my blog experience). If you've read this blog (even for a small amount of time) you realize that my statement is not a diss (guilty, as charged) it's just that there is something about these unapologetically bold and masculine figures that I find so refreshing.

One day I hope to have the cash (as in money, not puppy) for work like this. Indeed, I do believe I could provide a good, nourishing home of love and appreciation for such unique pieces.

Here's the link to his blog where you can find links to his other blogs, tumblr, and flickr stream. Ch-ch-check it out.

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Rachel Swan said...

I just put his gorgeous florals on my tumblr yesterday and spent A LOT of time looking through his online portfolio, it's so great.

Brian and I have the hardest time agreeing on what kind of art we want in our home, but since B has a deep appreciation for facial hair I think this may be just the ticket!