Rejection {adventures in online shopping}

Image via ASOS

So, I know you're all dying to know how my first online clothing purchase went...

Oh, okay.

Ima tell you anyway.

I had a feeling I was right about online shopping all along...

My first clothing purchase online. (Inhale, exhale) I wanted to set myself up for success, you know? I was secretly really hoping it would work out and I could emerge, like a phoenix or drag queen, from drab to fab. It was going to be glorious. Hoping to finally get out of my shopping phobia (cured, by online shoppping! It's so simple) and style rut, which is actually more like a trench (not the cool Burberry kind) or maybe a pothole.  

I even got out the damn measuring tape, it was an honest day. 
I really wanted to get it right and done with the first time.

So, like, it turns out that marketers oftentimes make sizing chart listings larger than the clothing actually fits, even online. People feel good when they get to buy smaller sizes (our unhealthy, obsessive culture), except for those individuals who double check and write down all of their dimensions according to said size chart (It sounds like it should be a relatively linear process, no?). The clothes arrive and were basically drowning me, so, like most, I filled out all of the necessary paperwork and emailed ASOS letting them know I would be exchanging sizes. Funny enough, I got an email reply that my refund had been processed. 

Wait, what? refund? 

Yeah, so no one read the paperwork I included in the shipment or the email according to my order number I sent just in case. That, or, they don't think I deserve to wear their clothes unless I figure out how to buy them right on the first try. Damn you ASOS, I had big plans for you. 

What do I do? Try again?
It sounds like a trick.



Sissy Jupe: Fail


Anonymous said...

I hate online shopping for clothes, thus to fix your phobia, I will need to fly to Memphis to go on a shopping trip with you. I'll let you know as soon as I finish robbing the bank, working the corner, or any other forms of income come my way to fund said trip.

libby said...

agreed. online clothing shopping has never actually worked for me. online electronics/accessories shopping is a different story. too easy. I spend way to much money. and it always comes working/looking like I thought it would.

good luck. :)

Emily said...

@Annie I totally support your decision to come here and help, you're a great friend. I don't necessarily support but appreciate your fundraising efforts, you're the best!

@Libby I think you're smart, at least you get what you're paying for! i hope little Mack is feeling better.