I'm so happy to be tapping again! Project:Motion has implemented a month of tap technique classes to help us brush up our skills (as far as I know there is NO open tap class offered in Memphis, that means at least a 2 year break for everyone I know...) before we start cracking down for Frame by Frame rehearsals. I always enjoyed the occasional tap class while in studio training but I really fell in love with tap in college. No joke, I took a tap class for 4 or 5 consecutive semesters (the only time I've ever had buff calf muscles!). For those of you that have not discovered your inner TapDog, I will let you know that tap is totally as fun as it looks, instant happy-maker. The balance of physical/mental exercise is perfect and each successful moment, hitting each sound, is gratifying. I'm looking into purchasing a portable tap floor and possibly some new shoes as well. Don't act surprised if, in the near future, this blog has a little scuff in its step.

Classical tap is so... classy!
Don't you think?

P.S. I'll be teaching the P:M class this evening; 7:30 - 9PM @ TheatreWorks. We'll do it up ruuuullll gooood, so come out peeps!


BriannEm said...

I love tap! I bought a pair of tap shoes back in 2007 for a show, and learned some basics. I wish I had the time to do more. I think tapping is the original bounce in your step. Love it!

Hawk said...

I saw this today and thought of you and that you might get a kick out of it...