The Week In Food {birthday shenanigans}

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Because our work schedules have not allowed us to properly celebrate Darling's birthday, I've been cooking up a storm at home to celebrate Birthday Week (however we can, right?)(It's how we do).  I feel so accomplished (small victories, it's my world not yours). And, I've gone 7 full days without spending a dime on any form of eating out, not even coffee. We I* made some rendition of the following:

Thursday: Carrot and Red Pepper Soup (v)+ Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (v)

Saturday: Baked Salmon + Veggie Latkes (v), Guacamole (v)

SundayMeatloaf (+ onion + carrot), Mashed Potato (I recently learned that 1 Russet potato makes plenty for 2 people), steamed asparagus (+ butter + lemon juice + salt & pepper)

Tuesday: Sage's Carrot Butter (v) (appetizer, also great on toast in the morning!), Marscapone + Goat Cheese + Homemade Marinara (v) (bake it and dip crostini. appetizer, soo delicious/dangerous). Made at home pepperoni pizza (but not homemade crust).

Wednesday: Curried Cauliflower and Lentils (similar recipe) + Basmati Rice (v).

Thursday: re-heated Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque (v) + Grilled Cheese (I always freeze half of my batch of soup when I make it). 

+ You know we threw in a few bottles of Oregon Pino which set it all off nicely. 
Yeah, Birthday Week!

It's been a marathon, yall. The realization becomes a little bit clearer, we are so spoiled to live in an age where we don't have to put forth all of our energy into merely feeding ourselves! It's a time consuming task and I'm not even growing this shit! But I have to say it is rewarding (the purchasing/planning/preparing part). I love the cooking. I really do. I'm still doing my best at putting forth an effort to make as much as possible from scratch at home, incorporating as many whole foods as we can, and hopefully, minimizing the amount of processed corn (it's most likely all corn, or soy--right?) we consume. What are you making these days? And I guess what I  mean by that is, what's rocking your world at dinner time these days? Please share! At this pace, Ima run out of recipes soon!


(v) - vegetarian or vegan friendly options

* - I sent this to Darling in an email that said, "I seriously wonder if you think this sometimes." 


BriannEm said...

whole foods! I love making things, but it takes SO much time! Nachos are super easy: chips with black beans, peppers, green onions, cheese mmmm topped off with sour cream. SO good. Oh and anything mexican. Tostadas and burritos are like finger food salad. Easy to make. Tastes complex. Crepes. I'm getting hungry.

Rachel Swan said...

Mmmmm...delicious. I'm usually crazy for cooking + whole foods, but tonight Cafe Rio + Netflix are calling my name.

I'm excited to check out + try your recipes when I feel like facing my kitchen (and the big mess that usually accompanies cooking!) again. I love getting recipes that families use again and again, it usually means that it is simple and everyone loves it.

p.s. I LOVED your unhappy hipster link - I'm always asking Brian how he managed to survive before I came along. He usually mumbles something about Del Taco... :)