Bookish {-Adjective. 3. of or pertaining to books; literary}

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In her interview, Heath uncovered a "wide unanimity" among serious readers that literature "'makes me a better person.'" She hastened to assure me that, rather than straightening them out in a self-help way, "reading serious literature impinges on the embedded circumstances in people's lives in such a way that they have to deal with them. And, in so dealing, they come to see themselves as deeper and more capable of handling their inability to have a totally predictable life." Again and again, readers told Heath the same thing: "Reading enables me to maintain a sense of something substantive--my ethical integrity, my intellectual integrity: 'Substance' is more than 'this weighty book.' Reading that book gives me substance." This substance, Heath adds, is most often transmitted verbally, and is felt to have permanence. "Which is why," she said "computers won't do it for readers."

-- Jonathan Franzen, How to be Alone

P.S. In other bookish-blog happenings, I updated an old post. I was having trouble finding images I liked the day of posting. When I first saw the new image (Paris, 1962) my brain immediately went to the Whitman poem. So, it had to be done. So there you go...if you're also into that ish... 

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BriannEm said...

Reading certainly has prepared me for more than I ever hope to experience in life. I feel that I am more empathetic and kind because of my literary adventures.
Not to mention that I can spell very well due to the number of words I've seen.