Going Against The Grain

Note to myself...

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Sometimes I hear things come out of my mouth or hear thoughts drift through my skull and I double take myself. I think my Argyle/Larsen lineage is a major influence in my nature to be opinionated/critical + vocal about it but I do believe it can be curbed, although that it is a choice I must consciously make. I suppose the reason I'm writing this out is because it's one choice I'd like to make more often. I want to have opinions, I want to give and receive constructive criticism, I think it's important to be able to speak for oneself but I don't need to spend my time hyper-analyzing, criticizing, or putting down over the small shit etc. etc. What I really should be doing is taking any/all of that energy and using it to see the good of people or channel it creatively. Using it to focus on myself, my plans, and where the near future will take me. I know that changes coming my way will arrive quickly, although it feels far off right now. In the meantime, I need to be spending that energy in honest conversation with myself and facing some of my complexes instead of pointing out the complexes of others. To take the advice will surely benefit my relationship and friendships as well. But to take the advice is hardest of all because it means real work, the interior kind. There seems to be a recurring theme in this space of knowing/finding excellent advice but finding/facing the difficulty that comes along with following through. Ima keep telling myself that all that good juju should add a few positive points in the ol' karma jar. I'm finding myself in introspective mode, I think it comes with turning 25 this week.  


Ann-Michelle said...

I think Argyle/Larsen also comes with a large complaining streak. Do you notice that our parents are always complaining??

I support you in this endeavor.

Anonymous said...

its much easier for me to be critical than to be positive-- in everything. I get hyper stressed when I start to worry about the future plans and what I can't control. What I need to do is live more in the moment and cherish the small things that make me happy. But, yes it is difficult to take your own advice because it is real work.

Rachel Swan said...

I just started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rudin this weekend, and it's kind of slapping me right in the face with my lack of follow through.

It's giving me a lot to think about, especially in regard to what I want to happen this year and in the next 5 years. Less complaining, learning to love my body, more dancing in the kitchen...I may need to start my own happiness project of sorts. :)