Another Birthday

{Joe + Hannah, 2001}

Little brother Joe's birthday today.

The big 21, sheesh.

It all feels so much closer than I suppose it actually is. When did we grow up?

Miss you. Love you. Remember you every single day.


Logan said...

:( I still think about it/him every 4th of July. Hope you're doing well. And I hope your birthday was great too (sorry so late). I know you have an awesome track record with birthdays. :)

Steph said...

I second that - every 4th of July I save a little thought for you + your fam. Love.

Laurel said...

love you.

Camille said...

My heart aches to think he is 21! I remember how he was everything a little brother should have been with a heart of gold and jokes he would tell when I would come over that were funny because he thought they were hilarious! I send you and Joe my love!