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I have never really considered myself an Arcade Fire fan. I really liked the Funeral album when it was first released and was digging a few tracks from Neon Bible, but honestly hadn't given it much attention, the band isn't one I've followed up on. Then there was the whole unexpected Grammy '11 win which is very cool for them. On the flip-side I don't have TV and I really don't pay much attention to the awards other than catching the day-after highlights and best dressed list. Grammy's have virtually no affect on what I'm interested in listening to. Cut to a few weeks ago when I walked in the house to music playing, "What's this? This is nice" as I set my bags down. Darling responded that it was the newest Arcade Fire album The Suburbs and that they would be coming to the Orpheum (the gorgeous theatre where we saw Robert Plant) soon. Stub hub so graciously provided us with some Orchestra Level seats to the sold-out-for-weeks show for less than their original prices. Sa-weet!

To follow up on my intro, last night I may have converted to an Arcade Fire fan. To sum up  the show, it was great. A few songs in particular were fantastic. I think few things are as unique and stimulating as the energy from a good live performance (of any variety). 1} The large group of Canadian musicians has so much talent. Reminded me of the Von Trapp family or Mormon kids, they all played 4+ instruments impeccably and really understood how to harmonize their vocals. Speaking of vocals, love Régine Chassagne's voice. It falls in line with my affinity for the voices of Joanna Newsom and the Coco Rosie sisters. 2} The acoustics of the Orpheum are remarkable. It's such an amazing theatre. See something there if you ever get the chance. 3} Winning Best Album at the Grammy's = a lot of cash for stellar live video projection art, amazing lighting, and a whole roadie crew that makes bouncing from song to song seamless. 4} Playing bells and/or violin never looked so fun.

Not the Memphis show, but a nice taste for you.

Memphis in May's Beale Street Music Festival kicks off tonight. The line up is pretty impressive this year. Maybe I'll see you there on Saturday (Cee-lo Green, friends)? For now, I plan on playing it by ear.

Happy Weekend 

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