"Take A Hike..."

... was, sort of, my initial mantra for the extended Easter weekend. Wait, hold up--that's exactly right extended weekend because, you see, in the South, Good Friday is a holiday for schools and businesses (Holla!) (this certainly was not the case where I grew up). So with that, we got a few friends together for camping at Bear Creek Lake, AR. And I was all geared up to do just that, "Take a Hike," get outside, expend my energy, take a dip in the refreshing cold lake, make vitamin D from the rays of the healing sun, eat good food, and, generally heal my soul.

Cut to reality. There were 5 humans and 4 dogs. All of us so desperate to get outside and indulge ourselves that we really over did things (I assume each of us had our own reason for doing so, not to mention the power of peer pressure). I would guess that we each consumed 8,000 calories Friday (we were car camping after all, plenty of room for coolers!) and boy did we do it up right! There was cedar smoked salmon with peppers + lemon + huge sprigs of fresh dill, bulgar, asparagus, dutch oven strawberry cake, smores, cold cuts, fresh pico de gallo + chips, deviled eggs, multiple s'mores... and I'm going to stop there because the list starts to become embarrassing after that... We did take a dip in the lake but otherwise getting up to add wood to the fire doesn't count as an "activity". 

Each of us basically needed all-day Saturday to recover from Friday, taking the food consumption down a notch (fortunately) (*don't hear me wrong, it was still totally out of control*). And by Sunday, when I was all set to get physical and go hiking, it was time to pack up camp and leave. 

Moral of the story: Get out to the woods more often. (And I do hope to take my own advice on this one as soon as dancing frees up weekends.)

Aside from being far lazier than anticipated, it was a most excellent weekend. Great to connect with Darling and friends, great to have Cash with us, so great to breathe some fresh air, sleep on the ground, read in the sunlight, swim in the cool water AND with all the pent up energy I had on Sunday I was able to unpacked everything before 1 and got started refinishing a set of side tables I've been wanting to work on. So, win (small victory).

It was Cashman, believe it or not, who had the worst hangover of anyone. Cash thought that we had moved to the woods (Although Darling was careful to explain, "Cash, this is a state park, it's much larger than a city park...") and there wasn't anything finer in the world according to that little pup's heart. You heard me the first time, 5 humans 4 pups, private lake access (oh man, he loves swimming), all the food and sticks in the world. Cash overdosed on fun. Once we arrived at home, had all ticks plucked and his coat bathed, he set off to bed with his over-sized-movie-star-sunglasses and a water bowl-- we've hardly seen him since. :)

Hope y'all also had a wonderful holiday


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