The Cat's Mee-ow

My, my! We had a ball at the fundraiser. Everyone came dressed to the nines and I danced my Thoroughly Modern Emily pants off. Blame it on the fringe, I swear! The Side Street Steppers (pictured above) rocked my socks off with their Old-Delta banjo and washboard sound! Much love to them for coming to play for us. Another shout out to Good Golly Photography who captured the evening beautifully with both candid and photobooth shots. A third "w00t" goes out to ASOS for finally getting my order right. The dress I'm wearing is the first online clothing purchase I haven't returned (if you've read this blog for a little while you realize this is a personal win!). There were so many people who got involved in order to make the party/fundraiser a success, it's amazing to see a community of good people coming through. I say it over and over, but I'm telling you Project:Motion is the greatest group of people to be involved with. Amazing, amazing friendship and support thrives and is to be found there. Peeps I hope to always be connected with. The fundraising committee deserves major kudos and a huge thank you. I had so much fun! If you couldn't make it, please know that any size donation is always accepted here.


A good looking group if I may say so

So here's the part where I begin to plug for the upcoming Frame by Frame show! (You're going to hear about it for the next two weeks so make my job easy and just come!!)
Y'all it's going to be a really strong performance, I'm bout proud and excited to be a part of it.
I'm so happy with my piece and the journey it has gone on.
Tech week begins tonight and the show opens this weekend.
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Photos via Good Golly Photography, Facebook

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Rachel Swan said...

Goodness, you're adorable. Seriously, dancing lady, you are beautiful!

I wish I could come and watch you dance! I'm sure it will be mind blowing and totally fun.

Love + luck to you! XOXOXO