Eating an Elephant

 Image via Melissa of Seen Memphis

If I am to approach blogging as some sort of journaling activity, I feel perplexed as to where I should begin. At what point do we talk about the death of Osama Bin Laden and what that means for our President,  our country, the world? It's a huge deal. It would feel weird to post today and not recognize the historical significance, even if I don't want to expand or post too-political discussions publicly. When do we talk about the part where there are tornado sirens daily around this neck of the woods? About the destruction and death in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas? About the flooding of the Mississippi and Wolf Rivers? When do we talk about the Memphis Grizzlies wins, about the missed music festival, about the refinished side tables, about upcoming happenings? 

So where do you take the first bite?

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