High Tide

But I'm nice and DRY!
Thank you, friends, for your sweet inquiries. Please send your love and prayers (whatever your thing is) to folks here. Although most of us are fine, there are those who need some good juju.

Irony is not dead.

On higher ground than my profile pic...

Images via friends' Facebook pages and the Commercial Appeal
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P.S. It seems silly now that I pointed out the high tide here.

P.P.S. From Vegan Crunk Blog (I think she says it well):  parts of Memphis are flooded since the Mississippi River has crested at its highest level since 1937. But the national coverage makes it look like the whole city is underwater! Not so, my vegan friends. Most of the city is not underwater. About 900 homes were expected to flood before the river crested today, but most are in northern parts of the county or on a little river island called Harbor Town. I hope those people are back in their homes soon and the damage is minimal.

I've had a few friends from out of town express concern, but I'm totally fine in my Midtown home — far away from the muddy Mississippi. And most of our tourist attractions — Graceland, Soulsville, Sun Studio, the National Civil Rights Museum — are high and dry. Only Mud Island River Park, which is on an island in the river, is underwater. Most of the city is situated on a bluff, positioned pretty high above the flood stage.

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