Rejection {F. YOU-macher}

**The interesting thing is that I originally wrote this post in early April. I decided not to post it because a woman called me before I could hit "publish" attempting to clear my issues up. Despite the nice phone call, no progress has been made and I am still fabric-less. Hence, a rant**

{Insert epithet of choice here} !!! Probably nothing I've done in the last year has been harder than getting a hold of this effing Schumacher Dragon fabric (which should absolutely not be the case). Not to mention that I am beginning to gain an impressive track record of unsolicited order cancellations/returns. F'realsies, I ordered AND paid AND said it was fine if I had to wait an extra month while it was back-ordered even though I called to check the inventory beforehand and was told it was in stock (pause. big inhale) and they STILL cancelled my order out of nowhere. They (Insider Fabric) insisted that I merely needed to replace the order and all will be fine but I had my suspicions. I can't win. So after an awkward online "chat with one of our representatives," I received a really nice phone call and apology. The order was reinstated although back ordered (once more) and would be shipped on May 20...hrm... May 24 I receive an email of an additional back order and a promise date of June 10. &^%!!@ I understand if you don't have it, but please stop making promises you can't keep. Since October have I been calling, tracking, paying, and placing orders but (surprisingly) yardage I have not. Only empty hands, broken promises, and cancellation emails. Okay, so I have some yardage, but I practically broke my neck for it and it's still not enough for the chair project and I can't (for the love of god) seem to get that last yard seriously, friends its 3 feet--although I'm ordering two just in case. Scratch that, I would order two if it wasn't impossible. Like it's in the stars that I'm doing something wrong or it's not meant to be or something stupid like that. The damn chair has been at the upholstery shop for over two months now (I won't be surprised if they ask me to pay them for storing it). This has moved beyond ridiculous and now I'm just pissy about the whole thing. It's too bad I really like the combo I've already had going...

SO I reach out to you my savvy and stylish friends. What fabrics are you loving/craving oooobbbbbseeessssssssiiinnnnggggg (and yes, that was a snarky jab at bloggers. Yeah, I did it, I'll totally go there) about?  Do you have two yards you're holding out on me? I'm so tired of this, I'm ready to get this done. Click here if you need to refresh your memory on the chair I'm talkin 'bout.


Dragon: 13
Sissy Jupe: Fail

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Sherry said...

I don't know if you're interested, but Caitlin Creer is selling 4 yards of a similar Schumacher on her site for a big discount. Caitlincreer.com