Relax {Just Do It}

It may be the approaching season, the feeling in the air that school's about to let out and long summer days are about to begin. It may be that Darling is headed to Philadelphia tonight and will be there for the next week, leaving Cash and I to fend for ourselves. It may be that the show is coming up, tech week is next week (!!) and all the finals and decisions and last-minutes are happening and it's coming together. It may be anticipation of my mom flying out here next week. I'm not entirely sure why, but I've continuously got this nervous, anxious feeling lately. When I get anxious, I talk too much. And then I feel embarrassed that I've said too much or said it out of turn or whatever the case may be, so I back track and try and talk my way into covering up what I previously said... needless to say, it's a vicious cycle. Do you do this? It's a bad habit that I don't care to admit to. But I do recognize it, so, don't judge to harshly. So all that is forthcoming... I'm not worried per se, just...anxious? Today is dedicated to shutting my mouth and relaxing a little. Enjoying the ride rather than anticipating and stressing over every detail of what's coming. It's all gonna work out. Everything's gonna be alright.

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