Sneak Peek {Dancey Edition}

Here's a peek into our final rehearsals.
{Trench coats = my piece}
Heads up, all that beat boxing is going to be live and its supa' cool when paired with tapping!!
My goal is to not get spell-bound by it and remember my steps.


My mom is coming into town this afternoon! Don't worry, I'm not manic about it like last time, it was super chill and Cash loves having her around! Aside from dancing plans, we're totally going to check out the flooded river and indulge in some ballin' food! Mom has been a collaborator for 2 pieces in the Frame by Frame show, whipping up costumery that's seriously incredible. I'm excited that she'll have the opportunity to watch me perform with Project:Motion and see Memphis in the spring. Hope to show you some photos later this week!


Remember Frame By Frame opens this weekend!

May 19, 20 8PM; 21 2PM
May 26, 27 8PM, 29 2PM

@  Evergreen Theatre on the corner of Belevedere and Poplar in Midtown Memphis

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libby said...

Oh my goodness, it looks incredible. I hope we somehow get to see your full piece. are they allowing recording?? pretty pretty please will you put it up????