To Memphis With Love

Image via NYTimes

This NPR interview from today's Morning Edition has me feeling all kinds of love for Memphis today. I'm awfully fond of the Memphis sound, Booker T is inextricable from that, and music and memory tend to sync up, intertwine, in my own mind. Memphis is historically a town of much conflict. Damn near everyone I know here has a love/hate relationship with this place; however, love is exactly what this town needs and love, when received, is received beautifully. I hope to never take my time here for granted. For me, Memphis is not home, it is not the place I will put down roots; but Memphis has been the catalyst for many changes in my life and myself. I feel I've learned a lot thus far. In spite of some rough patches in different facets of my life here, there is never a loss of beauty and soul. A rich, thick spirit pervades here, it's in the air. There is a place for the tempo, landscape, people, art, food, and heart of Memphis in my heart for always. 

I hope to always have friends here.

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Steph said...

This is lovely.
I miss listening to NPR's morning edition (or any program, for that matter) while driving in my car.