You Know What This Is {It's A Celebration Bitches}

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Okay, so this post has nothing to do with Kanye. But seriously, do you know what today is?


Today I can't commit to a full post about everything this signifies for us, but it feels epic, surreal {insert adjective of your choice here}. And when I say us, I mean that his work and commitment has been a huge catalyst for so much for us together, although the success is his :). I'm so proud of Darling, beaming actually. He has officially completed his service with the Teach for America 2009 corps as well as 2 full years in a KIPP charter school. That's wicked intense y'all. I'm tired just typing it. In spite of dealing with much tragedy and difficulty right from the beginning of this journey (and by beginning I mean the moment when the announcer says, "On your mark... get set..."), he stuck it through: we moved to Memphis, we got our dog, and in a fundamental way, we began a new life together... After an honest personal evaluation and reflection, I can say that if it had been me, I don't think I would have been able to stick through it the way he did.

It is insane. It has been life changing. It has taught us both as much about ourselves individually as it has about us together. And things are going to continue to happen, non-stop. That's the thing about this guy, he overdoses on stress and adventure. He brings that into my life and its something I love most about what we share. 

Peekie, I love you. I really am so proud of you. Thank you for everything you do for me, you take good care of us. I'm sorry that I have dancing all weekend but I will make it up to you I promise. 

All my love,


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