Fresh to Death {Home Tour}

 Image from Apartment Therapy

While searching for some "make the most of your small space" inspiration, I came across this awesome House Tour. Yes, I too enjoy the BHG or Anthology magazine aesthetic--the eclectic mix of rustic and modern that has been carefully chosen and whimsically placed, you know, it's been the look for a while now--but I can totally see Darling and I (while remaining true to our styles and preferences) rocking out a space that takes ourselves a little less seriously for years to come still. I found it very refreshing to see something with so much vibrancy and personality while still displaying great taste and a distinct (cohesive) aesthetic preference. It's a lot more stuff  than I think I'm willing to take on at this time but it's working in the context. It looks like such a great space to kick it in.

Feel free to send me any inspiration or cool/efficient storage solutions if you come across 'em in your browsing!

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