Nice Place to Make a Home

Ladies and Gents, we officially have a charming space to call home in Brooklyn, NY. After copious amounts of information gathering, ca$$$$h money, and hours on the phone, Darling squared away the deal and has returned home to Memphis in just 5 days time, I think its a record. Certainly you already know that in NY real estate speak "charming" is code for "tiny"... alas, that's Nueva York! We are moving from our glorious 1200 sq ft duplex into a 1 bedroom space that measures at approximately 400 sq ft -- talk about adjustment. I think we really lucked out though, we do have lots of the good things we were looking for in the new space, namely: a private backyard (a rare gem in the city), are wicked close to gorgeous Prospect Park (which has daily off-leash hours), washer and dryer hookups, exclusive access to basement storage, and is very close to a convenient subway station. Ultimately, we think that an ideal situation for Cash (backyard + park) is going to be the greater convenience and that it is worth sacrificing in square footage for the best setup we can afford (the price tag is high, folks). 
It's really happening.
Each item, to my amazement, is being checked off the list... It still feels as though I'm working in the abstract, though. I desperately need the reality check of something concrete, corporeal, sensual in order to feel sane. Instead it feels like I've spent these past few weeks treading water -- going nowhere, floating in a vast, open space of my own conjuring. My eyes are hungry to see for themselves, but instead it's all being imagined in my head. I haven't even seen a photo of our new digs... its crazy. Inevitably, it (the real) is sure to come very soon. 

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and support.
It helps more than you can ever realize.

Keep you posted...


Futbol Guru said...

Yahoo!!! I honestly cannot believe that you have a private back yard. I have never even heard of that in NY!

Futbol Guru said...

Ugh. Apparently Javi is logged in on my computer...this is Annie, NOT the futbol guru.

libby said...

so excited for you. :)

Camille said...

I can not believe it! It is meant to be obviously. There is some good karma coming back around to you it looks like! My friend Jen is getting married next June so I will be saying hello (probably more than hello... more like adventuring around the big apple with you and yours for sure)! Can't wait to see photos of your cozy new place.