Staycation Memphis {A story in Photos}

Wild Bills
Sun Studio

Amidst the craziness of making arrangements to move next week (!!), Darling and I have been setting aside time to soak in the things that make Memphis, Memphis, as we reflect on the growth we've had and all amazing things we've seen, done, tasted, and experienced here. We ran morning errands and made requisite phone calls but also spent a portion of the afternoon as tourists in our town. {First} Brunch at The Arcade (the oldest cafe in Memphis)  {Second} Tour of Graceland {Third} Tour of Stax Museum: 

 coffee + eggs over easy + biscuits and gravy + hashbrowns

 The day was unbelievably muggy and humid


Even after the declaration, "no more vinyl till after we move!" (we keep finding ourselves trading-in and purchasing at Goner and Shangri-la) we purchased a couple of great records at the Satellite Record Shop connected to Stax before rounding off the evening with a Dick Dale concert at the Hi Tone

That's right, surf rock legend Dick Dale rocked. it. out. here in Memphis! The skill and energy with which he played, even in his late 70s, was unreal. I love surf rock when it is aggressive and filled with the sexy tension of a bullfight, or flamenco, lending itself to a unique and playful juxtaposition of sound, imagery, and influence. He captivated the audience with short tales of hanging out with Elvis and Johnny Cash and threw in some fun, dancey covers to sing along to. It was a show for the books, right up there with Willie Nelson and Robert Plant. I swear to it, if you get a chance go see him, don't miss the opportunity. I remember he played annually in SLC while I was there, often in a tiny bar for $10-$15. Amazing. 

In more current news of getting a much needed reality check, today is my last day at work. 

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Rachel Swan said...

You're cute, Em. I'm so excited for you and your new adventure. I can't get enough of Graceland, what a crazy place!

I truly hope that this week goes by fast, but not too fast. I'm sure you want to soak up as many memories of Memphis as you can, and say goodbye to the people and places that you loved most.

Have a safe trip, okay?