Notes On Style {Fourth Quarter}


Finding these shoes saved my sanity just now....

Darling's sister is getting hitched this weekend (yay, congrats Natty!) and you know that figuring out what I was going to wear to the wedding is something that waited until the last minute. (Back to shopping conundrums and everything we've been over a hundred times.) I started looking for something back in Memphis but I thought to myself, "Surely there is no need to try and go through *another* online ordering deboucle if I'm going to be in New York soon..." Isn't what I order most likely coming from New York anywayWhich I do still think is an incredibly valid point... except that its ME we are talking about, and I also forgot to add into the equation the time factor--that we would be leaving just 2 weeks and 3 days after we pulled up in the moving van, which doesn't allow much time for browsing--but you know that I always find myself in this situation, no matter what the circumstance, or how many valid-to-me excuses I can create. (Libby, did I ever tell you that I bought what I wore to your wedding reception on my way from the ceremony to the reception?! Whoops, well, I did. I totally still made it on time, at least I think so, I made it for pictures ;-).) So. I need to look for a dress! I grab my dear friend from Bushwick on his day off and we have a beer with lunch to loosen up (I get terrible anxiety when shopping) and we tromp all around Broadway/SOHO to no avail, although he was able to pick a few things up. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time, it was a good day, but not necessarily a successful one according to the agenda.

Next morning, pre-all-day-errand running (for the pup, omg, I have to tell you about the dog another day, but it crossed my mind for about 30 minutes that I wanted to give him away), I run up the street to Brooklyn Industries and find not one but two dresses that I like! Very daytime appropriate (read: casual), I justify that the little seersucker one might work for the low-key, outdoor, lakeside ceremony and reception. Slap that on Rosey's Facebook wall for some approval (shameless!) and observe her tip to belt it.

When I start looking at what I need to pack and I realize that I don't even OWN a summer shoe that isn't a saltwater sandal or flip flop... (okay. I own ONE, but its patent leather and looked terrible with the outfit) I start to panic a little. Damnit! Surely you've already guessed that I spent all afternoon looking for a shoe instead of doing much more productive (read: nessary) things. Sore outta luck... I get home and start pulling shoes out of my closet, every. pair. I am not exaggerating when I tell you nothing I own looks appropriate, and shit, we leave tomorrow! Being slightly crazed and wild-eyed, I googled "Park Slope Shoes" at 5:50PM, knowing that most places close at 7, and biked to Boreum Hill...

Those shoes, the ones at the top? Yup, they just saved my sanity. I'm so thrilled with them. For all I know they could be hideous and something I would never purchase normally (I'm hoping its not the case) but I'm just so dumbstruck with love for them--they're beeaauuttifuuull. Note: they feel just like wearing tennies. F'real. And, they were on sale (what what). Feelin good y'all, feelin good right now. Trust me, I am fully aware of how wordy this post is and how neruotic I've been about the whole deal when, ultilmately, "it's just shoes." But I hope you see that its totally not about the shoes, at the same time, right? 

And that's an entirely seperate conversation, one that we're not having now... but my story might just provide you with more insight into my transition to New York life than I could tell you straightforwardly at this moment. 

Although I haven't had much time for posting here, I got back on to say I'm going away again. I know, can't believe it either. But a few days in the Pacific Nothwest?! I think it'll be great for our souls. Little Cash is in Williamsburg until Friday and then he's going to a farm in PA for the weekend. So ridiculous, I know. Okay, I have to go finish/start packing, f'real.

Take care, friends!
Be in touch soon


libby said...

I saw the seersucker dress on your facebook page, and it's oh-so-cute. I think the shoes go perfectly! By the by, you looked perfect at my wedding. :)

Camille said...

So glad you found something! Enjoy this vacation. You NEED a good relaxing time. Hope everything goes well! Safe travels! Call me when you aren't busy when you get back. We know I am never busy, but you have a lot on your plate right now!!!