We are here!

So I am hoping that we will have the intrawebs at home tomorrow, for now I find myself in a little space on the LES with a coffee and wi-fi. Simple pleasures. For all that has happened, it has happened with as much grace and ease as I can imagine is possible. Driving in the moving van with Darling, Cash and myself sharing a bench seated cab was an adventure, to say the least. I think the climax was really the first evening when i marched the pup's sorry ass to the van to sleep in the cab at 5 in the morning as i simultaneously prayed he would not get us kicked out of the hotel. Cash also has an immunity to Xanax, I'm sure of it. It seems to have had virtually no affect on the boy much to my dismay.

In reality, Cash has been the primary concern of our attention and also the primary cause of our problems during the transition. It has been no easy task moving a large, high energy, mutt to such a drastically different environment. I am currently reading, The Other End Of The Leash by Patricia McConnell and have arranged for a dog trainer to come to the house next Monday in hopes of fixing the behavior issues and helping us learn what we need to do in order to communicate with Cash our expectations for his behavior in clear and meaningful ways so that life with him is more joyful than stressful. Fingers, elbows and knees are all crossed.

Yesterday I saw a pup walking himself down 7th avenue... Wtf?! F'real y'all, holding his own leash in his mouth and quietly and happily heeling to his owner. It was like a kick in the balls. If only? One day? Siiiiiggggghhhh.

As for the slope, i couldn't be happier. I love the neighborhood. It's perfect, I think it really might be. We have a yard! And it's pretty bitchen although it needs some work as it has been untended for years, which I have a hard time understanding... How does one ignore the luxury of a yard in NYC?? I do have suspicion to believe that the previous tenant was bat-shit nuts, cramming pennies into crevices and duct taping over outlets, crack head crazy. The space is wonderful, it needed loads of cleaning, goo gone to clean the cupboards cleaning, but I haven't sat down in a few weeks at this point and we have gotten unpacked and things together faster than I could have imagined. Its livable albeit not finished. But its seriously like darling and I have moving down to a science at this point, which we are both grateful for. It has and will continue to be a change adjusting to the tiny kitchen and lack of sq. footage, but the open floor plan and high ceilings help to keep us from feeling like we are living in a shoe box. One of these days I may post a photo for you, but don't bet on that happening any time soon!

I was fortunate to have a friend working for NYCDA nationals and she was able to supply me with a few days work immediately after getting here. Other than that, there is no news on a job front. Tbd...

It's still new, it's still surreal.. The only time I have cried was after receiving the sweetest package from my Project:Motion friends, but otherwise we are all working hard to hold it together and make this shit happen. I truly appreciate all your good energy and notes and comments of love and encouragement. Will do my best to be in touch soon..



Steph said...

congrats on getting settled in your new apartment - you are ahead of us! Hope the adjustment goes well and you fall in love with your new city. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. xo

Rachel Swan said...

Oh, Dolly! I'm so happy to hear from you! I was feeling a bit anxious! I'm happy that you're safe, sound, and getting settled. Can't wait to hear how everything went down and all about your new home. Love you. XO