The Teekies Came By Accident {A Traveling Story}

We have been having a bit of drama with Delta airlines (we were involuntarily denied boarding on the 2nd leg of a confirmed flight and not properly compensated). Although it was terribly inconvenient and caused slight emotional turmoil, all things considered, I can think of a lot worse places to be stranded than Seattle, WA. I hadn't been to the city since 2007 and it has been even longer for Darling, which is interesting considering we both love it there. I learned that a new light rail system has been put in place with a convenient last stop at the airport. The weather that day was perfect, making for a rather dreamy afternoon filled with sunshine and breezes and long walks up hills and along piers, of seafood and ham bows and markets with flowers, of comic books and cheeky humor, of sailboats on the sound and jackets in the evening and book stores filled with the flutter of childhood memories. The teekies went on accident...

I completed A Moveable Feast on the plane and in honor of Hemingway I felt it was only appropriate to enjoy the delicate flavor of oysters and local micro brew as soon as it was available. Also pictured, calamari in jalapeno aioli--we did our best to consume as much seafood as possible in those 14 hours.

I have wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest since my first visit when I was 14 years old. Each time I find myself there that feeling is reaffirmed. Something about the unique energy, clean streets, incredible food, and beautiful/accessible nature continues to capture my heart.

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Rachel Swan said...

I read A Moveable Feast this weekend as well...weird, right? I wish I could have read it while in Seattle, instead of parked on my living room couch though.

Goodness, you're cute. I realize I've said this already once today, but seeeeriously, lady.