August: Week One {Part Two}

Saturday 7/30:

- Pick up bagels and train to the Brooklyn Promenade to enjoy breakfast and a nice view. We discuss the buildings and agree that the Verizon high-rise is offensive. Darling seems particulary put out, should possibly start sending letters to VIP's.
- Walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park with the intention of canoeing the bay but opt out of waiting in line and choose instead to explore DUMBO.

Sunday 7/31:

- Pick up coffee and train to the Frick to see the returned Bellini painting and enjoy the collection. The space is inviting and accessible, unlike MoMa, and we enjoy ourselves there. Talk about the works and the building itself. Why is it people of money aren't investing in building spaces of significance anymore? Quality over quantity, is it a debate?
- Head to Yankee Staduim for a Yankees vs. Oriels game, enjoy over priced ballpark food and see Jeeter get clocked in the collar bone with a 93 mph fast ball. He walked bases and was not seen for the rest of the game.
- Train south and walk through the West Village and Meat Packing District.
- Eat at the Standard Grill and walk the length of the newly completed Highline Park. Such a gorgeous and interesting public space that shows both vision and initiative. Make mental notes to hit up the rollerskating rink there sometime this summer.

Monday 8/1:

- First session with dog trainer, it is rather intense for everyone involved.
- Train to SoHo with Darling to listen to new speakers. Come home later to find them in my living room. All I can think is that they sound fake: crystal clear, lots of depth, perfect balance. We start shuffling through all our music to test them out although my suspicion is that Darling did it all for the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds album.
- Leave the stereo store and meet up at Eataly in Chelsea with two Memphis dance friends that happened to be in the city at the same time! It is such a breath of fresh air to be with their beautiful hearts and see their lovely, familiar faces. They are sweet to buy my dinner and we walk to Washington Square before parting ways. Too short, but I am grateful it worked out. I still have a chance for another meeting and possible dance class with one of them in the coming week.

Tuesday 8/2:

- Cash is carted off to daycare in Williamsburg and we spend the day with plumbers and delivery men but in the end are happy with a new stove.
- Consume ourselves with organization and house stuff. I break to pick up Vietnamese sandwiches (our new favorite lunch). We tackle the basement and get lots of garbage left from the previous tenant curbside, much of it is taken by folks to be reused, quickly.
- We take turns rinsing off in the shower and I prepare a quick dinner before we wind down the evening with a Sufjan Stevens concert in Prospect Park. Sufjan quotes Whitman and gives us beautiful music in what is now essentially our backyard.

Wednesday 8/3:

- Second session of training, the hardest thus far.
- Shuttle to Ikea for some returns and end up spending 2.5 hours there. We leave with a few items but are ultimately disappointed and feel worse about the state of humanity afterward. An anxiety of landfills overflowing with cheaply made particle board junk follows me for the remainder of the evening.
- Go to Lowe's to buy paint and a few items to get started on our converted office project.
- Order pizza and spend the night painting and feeling better about the state of our living quarters. It is satisfying and exercises our minds as we brainstorm new projects to take on.

Thursday 8/4:

- Third session with the trainer, we see very positive results.
- Train into SoHo to pick up speaker stands and look for wall organizer to no avail.
- Make our way to the BAM Rose Cinema, the fanciest of movie houses I've ever been inside, to see the new Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life (recommended).
- Walk home stopping for sushi along the way. Thinking all the way how crazy it is that life happens the way it does, where I am, to be doing what we're doing.

Friday 8/5:

- Fourth training session, more positive results and begin formulating a plan for future sessions. Everyone is proud of Cash, he continues to problem solve and work hard. The sessions wear my honey bear out and he sleeps for most of the day.
- Blogging, catch up on all that has been happening before it gets away.
- TBD...

Things I would like to do this weekend (aside from the obvious "get a job"):

- See the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET before it is taken down on Sunday
- Get to a dance class.
- Take a nap, sheesh...

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Rachel Swan said...

My goodness, you've been busy! I think you do need a bit of nap! It's so fun to read about all that you've been doing though, I've been anxious to hear all about your adventures.

Thinking of you, my dear. XO