August: Week Three-ish and so on until we damn near see August through... {Part Four}

Losing track of dates and times... some of the happs since last posting:

- Tamarind. The BEST Indian food you will ever eat. And one of the better, more memorable meals of personal history. In the Flatiron district.

- Training with Cash outside. That's right folks, we graduated from indoors to outdoors and we have been fortunate to see success in this area, lord knows we've been paying for it! Although leash work is still in progress, we are able to walk down 7th avenue in Brooklyn during 5PM rush hour traffic without issues. It may not sound like much to you, or maybe you just lack the context for it, but previously, walking with Cash down 7th avenue was our end of year goal (if that lends you any perspective). It's rewarding to have made it to this point before Darling hits the classroom for the school year. We have at this time ceased working with our trainer and are taking matters into our own hands. We have both good days and mediocre days and Cash will continue to challenge us but the choice of daytime activity and morning off-leash hours has been enjoyable for everyone. We are no longer confined to vampire-dog hours when the other misfits come out to play--unless we so choose. The behavior modification is changing everything and I think all 3 of us are happier for it.

- We got our library cards, diggin it.

- Downtown Brooklyn for lunch at the Main Street River Park. New bar stool-chair hybrids from BoConcept. Bookstore browsing. I am falling in love with this side of the East River for many reasons, the stunning views of Gotham is one of them.

- Get caught in a HUGE rainstorm.  And rain in general, multiple times per week. I forget we live on an island...

- A weird dance class at BDC. While normally this would be a highlight, I felt it highlighted the ever-shifting, ever-evolving relationship I have with dance. Something I'm still reflecting on.

- See the big 2011 Tony winner on Broadway (post forthcoming).

- Rent an upholstery cleaner and tackle the couch. As you can see, Cash wasn't too keen on the whole thing although he is the sole reason for the rental in the first place. Laughing so hard at this image.

- Brunch with friends at Bar Tano.

- See The Cave of Forgotten Dreams and The Future 

- Temp work begins...

- Darling starts chess lessons in Greenwich Village

- Missing out on the earthquake, feeling totally left out.

Food and food for thought. Thoughts and dreams and lack of both. Reading, starving for words, searching for insight, awareness, possibility.

Right. More to share but that's plenty for tonight. xo 

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