August: Week Two {Part Three}

Saturday 8/5:

- Ride my bike to Fort Greene to meet up with O from Memphis and take a Gaga class at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn. The facility is stunning. Gaga is more experimental than anything I've done before and I find my body and brain truly worked by the end.
 -  O and I stop for a bite to eat at a Mediterranean cafe and as we're catching up on the serious side of things, a woman in full-on clown costumery reminds us of the irony and humor in life.
- While searching for after lunch coffee we stumble upon the treasure-filled Brooklyn Flea and find ourselves meandering for a few hours. I find a John Murphy cast resin frame and collage that I bring home to Darling as a thank you and peace offering gift.
- Darling and I grab dinner and stand in line for 3 hours for the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met which we found to be well worth the wait. Exquisite. It was really as good as you heard.
- By the time we get back to the Slope it's 3am and we stop in a 24-hour diner for breakfast before bed.

Sunday 8/6:

- Run around doing house things, hang shelves and prints on the walls.
- Meet up with O again, this time at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. Talib Kweli fills in for Q-Tip who, sadly, was too sick to dj.  We find good beats and good dancing and eventually score ourselves a lane. 8' chocolate leather chesterfield sofas and gourmet bites make for the swankiest bowling experience I've ever had.
- Darling has a rough night on the train and I have a rough night in the shoes I chose to wear, but we make it home safely.

Monday 8/7:

- ???
- Dog trainer comes and we work on sending Cash to his bed.
- Solidify our love of Indian food delivery and discover The United States of Tara.

Tuesday 8/8:

- Attempted to buy a dress to wear to an interview. Shopping woes and conservative, matronly dressing ensue.
- Dog trainer session followed by a wonderful sushi dinner just down the street. Neither darling nor I can bring ourselves to try the raw shrimp, however.
- Meet friends from Utah at club Splash in Manhattan. Although it's good to see them, it's underage night at the panty bar and S lost his phone. No one plans on a return visit anytime soon although the nice bartender from the Dominican Republic assures me I would have a better time if I returned on a Thursday or Saturday.
- Officially become addicted to the Scrabble game on my phone while waiting for MTA (always).

Wednesday 8/9:

 - Darling comes with me to return the conservative, matronly dress after which we go to Trash and Vaudeville in the East Village.
- Eat at Katz's Deli and wander from the LES through Nolita and Tribeca before heading home.
- Utah friends C and S come to stay with us! Not only are they our first overnight guests but also the first people to come to the house (with the exception of the landlord and dog trainer). Although not perfect, Cash does really well with our new greeting routine. No barking or peeing in the house! We are parents beaming with pride for him and feel much better about all the $$$ we have been spending on training.
- Sit down for an amazing dinner at Applewood in Park Slope to catch up on conversation with friends and enjoy the slower pace Brooklyn offers before going home to bed.

Thursday 8/10:

- Head to Midtown where I sign on with a temp agency. I feel good about having a place to start even if it's not the place I'll be. Hoping for a few days of work soon!
- Grab a Vietnamese sandwich and bubble tea for lunch. Stroll with friends up to Grand Army Plaza and down through Prospect Park before they leave for home.
- Back to Manhattan, LES, for some much needed haircuts. We split pimento cheese dip and one the best cheeseburgers either of us have tasted at Peels.
- Take the boy out for a much needed night swim and run at the park. Listen to the end of the Cut Copy concert happening simultaneously and come home exhausted.

Friday 8/11:
- Blog updates for what's been hip hop happening.
- Dog trainer scheduled to come by for our first outdoor session.
- Plans for some epic live music

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