Come On Irene... {Part Five)

- This week I started my second temp gig. This time it's grunt work for the financial sector. Although the work is all but glamorous, the location for this job has so far made it worth while. Going to work has been the romanticized New York City experience that I believe is the image conjured in most people's minds when that name is spoken. My commute to work begins with taking the F train to Rockefeller Center and walking past Radio City and Top of the Rock, past much high-end shopping, through Rockefeller Plaza and its daily summer farmer's market to Madison Ave. The office sits between Madison and Park, between St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Waldorf Astoria. My ears pop in the elevator ride up 28 floors and once I get there I've got a prime view of the Empire State Building out the office window. Temping will be cool (for a while) if only for allowing me to learn about areas of the city I might not otherwise have any reason to be in.

-  Friday night I got the chance to see someone I've been waiting on for years.

Darling got us tickets to see Cat Power take the stage at Webster Hall near Union Square. The space was intimate and lights were kept dark, only a few bulbs illuminated the band on stage while Chan took to the corner, oftentimes facing the band and shying away from the audience completely. I had heard reports of her canceling or cutting shows early due to stage fright but I've never seen such shyness from a lead singer. Virtually no crowd interaction, no "Hi"'s or "thanks for coming out tonight"'s, just singing, but damn she does it so well. The band played a full set, nearly 2 hours, leaving out the most recognizable songs and choosing instead to fill in with covers of Nico and Fleetwood Mac. I've been a big fan of her's for years, I knew she would be great to see live, but I didn't anticipate that her smoky, sultry voice could be so immense and full and dimensional and soulful. I've never been to a conventional concert (standing, in a bar) that was so beautiful--shivers swelling up and down my body. If she played more often I would see her again and again.

- Constant talk of Hurricane Irene. That's what's been happening in the most recent news. 

I do not intend to dismiss those that have been severely affected by the storm, and my heart goes out to those families, but I feel like it's necessary to state that New Yorkers are so dramatic about everything (that could and probably will be it's own post). The news and press coverage has been soo dramatic but I don't think anything is more true than the list comparison above ^^ people here are worried about going to the liquor store and having enough hummus and dvd rentals. The Park Slope Patch email this morning stated something about Brooklyn continuing to get "pummeled by Hurricane Irene." But folks, Brooklyn (certainly the slope) was not pummeled by a hurricane. It was a heavy rain storm and I slept through most of it. The scariest thing to happen is that the changes in air pressure caused the bottle of champagne to open itself last night. The sound scared the pants off me, I was worried something electrical blew out, but the result was more than pleasant (who wants a bottle of flat champagne!? Drink up!). Not to mention I think over-exaggerations of the press take away from those people who were severely hit, because news in New York is going to trump anything else. The subways and trains are down and will most likely remain so until sometime late tomorrow afternoon. No one is upset because we're all hoping we get another day to stay inside, anyway (snow day! snow day!). I think people, generally, are really enjoying the excuse to snuggle up and take a break for a few days.

I feel like it has been the year of Biblical whether that just missed me. Blizzards, the Memphis flood, tornadoes that skipped TN and destroyed AL, the VA earthquake and now a hurricane?? Sheesh. Safe and sound and not a scratch, thank goodness.

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Soph! said...

I've been wanting to see Cat Power for years. That was very sweet of Darling. Glad you're safe and sound! I would've freaked out about the champagne bottle. Instead of thinking rationally , I would have thought up a grand story about a ghost popping it open. ^_^