Steve Earle with The Dukes and Duchesses

Last Wednesday evening, Darling and I saw Steve Earle play at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Like Whoa. Darling says it was his favorite of the shows we've seen since moving here. I can't really say I'm up for ranking experiences right now as, truthfully, I'm just enjoying them as they come. The music was fantastic, and the band had a tangible chemistry--exuding how much they really enjoy what they do and who they're doing it with (and that, ultimately, is what we want from our lives, correct? How to achieve this is specifically what weighs on my mind more than anything else right now). The longest single band set I've seen in a very long time,  they played for nearly 3 hours! The talent and level of musicianship was top notch, the band was made up of 3 smaller projects, also doing their own things, and there was play in the set to highlight and feature each of them "in old bluegrass fashion" as Mr. Earle pointed out. They broke only for intermission, at which point Darling and I moved closer to the stage while everyone else went for beers. This eventually lead to me standing directly at the feet of the lead guitarist. I'm not really a "front row person," I can't tell you the last time I was so close to live musicians, but being so close to the instruments was amazing. I was absolutely mesmerized watching the hands skillfully and knowingly handle the instruments. I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to play with them, an envy of their talents, an envy of their opportunity to perform, an envy of their doing what they love to do. In reflection these last few days, it's a feeling that has stuck with me...

I can't wait to pick up Mr. Earle's novel, just recently released. Catching him on The Wire, Treme, on stage and now in paperback? What a cool dude. Although this isn't my first song choice, it's the highest quality video I have the patience to find right now, enjoy.

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