Coney Island + Columbus Day

One of the last summer days.

Yesterday on the train I noticed that not only the warmth from the air, but the color from wardrobes vanished this week. The seasons are turning, I've never seen so many neutrals. I suppose it's better than the blackness that coats the city (head to toe) come winter, I'm not ready to go there just yet. I am enjoying the graceful fall shift, it's getting really cozy and pretty out here in that iconic Autumn in New York kind of way.

We had Columbus Day off and we decided to take advantage of the unexpected high temps and head for the beach. I had hopes that Coney Island would be hokier, instead it just felt like a run down Venice Beach or Santa Monica Pier. It had this weird, janky California vibe to it. Absolutely bizarre to imagine we were so close to home, we felt so far out. It's pretty amazing that you can jump on the train in your neighborhood and jump off at the beach though, eh?

Nathan's hot dogs, naps in the sand, tide wading.

Next time we'll be prepared with a blanket, some books, and a proper picnic.

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